In-House Training

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Training Guide

General Features

Municipally focused
Skill Building
Customized to meet specific needs or group requirements
Participant reference materials encourage participation
Participant Evaluation Summary provided

Co-ordination: OMMI takes care of all the details including; verbal and written confirmation of content requirements, timings, location, training aid requirements, facilitator travel arrangements, the provision of participant materials, letters of attendance, and the compilation of participant evaluation summaries to provide essential feedback of the session.

Facilitators: OMMI’s facilitators are hand-picked and screened by a volunteer Training Committee drawn from our member municipalities and partner professional municipal associations.  The Committee ensures the facilitators have a municipal focus, are professionally competent, and are able to deliver effective, dynamic, skill-building sessions.

 Duration: All programs are designed in modules and may be conducted as full day or several day programs based entirely on the municipality’s training objectives and the depth and practice    required.

 Participant Materials: All participants receive a workbook of detailed seminar notes including the overhead material to be used as a ready reference during and following the seminar.  The notes in a workbook format allow participants to focus their attention on discussions during the session and not be distracted by excessive note taking.

 Follow-Up: OMMI provides a detailed summary of the participant evaluations following the seminar.  This identifies; participant satisfaction, how well objectives were met, and suggestions for future training by the participants.

 Accreditation: Seminar topics are drawn from the Core Curriculum of the Certified Municipal Manager (CMM) Accreditation Program.  All OMMI seminars receive a point value towards the Accreditation in the relevant subject area.

How it works

1. The municipal Co-ordinator requests a topic for a potential seminar.
2. OMMI will recommend one of our screened facilitator(s) for consideration, and forward his/her biography           providing any detail required.
3. OMMI will then have the facilitator contact the Municipal Co-ordinator to discuss specific content and group       requirements (if necessary)
4. A more detailed seminar outline or proposal based on the needs identified is prepared (if required).
5. The Municipal Co-ordinator verbally confirms his/her municipality’s content
    requirements (as discussed with the facilitator) and identifies a preferred time frame for the seminar.
6. OMMI confirms a suitable date and location and all relevant administrative
    detail with the Municipal Co-ordinator verbally and in writing.
7. OMMI follows up with a detailed summary of participant evaluations to
    indicate participant feedback.