“Dedicated to enhancing the management skills of individuals through accreditation, education and training to strengthen the quality of local government administrative”

A non-profit corporation established by Ontario’s municipal associations with the support of the Government of Ontario in 1979, to facilitate and promote management development programs for municipal personnel. In May 1988, the enactment of Private Members’ Bill-Pr 27 changed the Ontario Municipal Management Development Board (OMMDB) to the Ontario Municipal Management Institute (OMMI). More importantly, the Bill accorded legal status to the Certified Municipal Manager (CMM) designation awarded by the Institute. The Institute is recognized by the Federal Government as an educational institution under section 60(f)(iv) of the Income Tax Act.

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  • Administer the CMM Accreditation Program providing recognition and career development
  • Provide local government focused, management-oriented, training seminars
  • Promote effective relations with educational institutions
  • Develop publications on local government management topics
  • Encourage an understanding of local government

The Institute is managed by a Board of Directors and a number of sub-committees. Directors and Committee members are selected from nominations received from municipal associations, corporate member municipalities, academic institutions and individual members.

Board of Directors(60)*
Responsible for the overall development, strategic planning and liaison to their areas of affiliation

Executive Committee(15)* (of the Board of Directors)
Directs the month to month operations of the Institute

CMM Accreditation Committee(15)*
Responsible for services and certification for the CMM program members

Evaluation Committee(4) (Accreditation Partner Associations)
Currently 15 Local Governments provide professional “enhancements” to the CMM designation for their own members. Developed, reviewed and recommended to OMMI’s Accreditation Committee by the Associations’ Evaluation Committees for awards with their CMM.


The CMM Accreditation Program
OMMI has the exclusive right to grant the Certified Municipal Manager (CMM) designation to qualified administrators. The program is designed to recognize and develop an administrators’ education and employment experience. It evaluates members in these two major categories by means of a points system. Additionally, our 15 Accreditation Partner Associations offer “profession-specific” enhancements to their members.

Membership Corporate
A corporate level is provided for municipalities and other local government bodies. The Institute has the support and participation of more than 400 Municipalities, Police Services and Conservation Authorities.

Reduced fees for OMMI Management Training Seminars
Participation on the Board of Directors and its committees
Reduced initial/renewal membership fees in the CMM Program

Over 4,000 CMM designations awarded, with over 800 also achieving profession-specific enhancements awarded through our 15 Accreditation Partner Associations.

Point assessment for CMM accreditation
Detailed guidance on management oriented educational programs
Access to professional enhancements for the CMM through Accreditation Partners
Reduced fees for OMMI seminars