The Certified Municipal Manager Program

The accreditation offered by the Ontario Municipal Management Institute, recognizes the professional and academic achievements of local government employees and provides a career development framework for advancement and success.

The CMM Is the only legally recognized and progressive management designation for all local government staff.

The Certified Municipal Management program offers present and past local government employees a career recognition and development system with a legally recognized credential: the Certified Municipal Manager (CMM). Accreditation partnerships with local government associations provide access to over thirty profession-specific enhancements to the CMM.

To Stimulate and recognize staff management capabilities encouraging complementary breadth and depth to their primary professional qualifications.

-An evaluative point system, capturing all education, seminars and conference workshops resulting in a customized career development framework.
-Validating the range of job responsibilities in employment experience with profession-specific enhancements available.
-Recommendations on specific topics and point requirements to progress.
-Ongoing updates from members to increase their level or to add enhancements from our Partner Associations.

Over 3,000 local government administrators, from front-line staff to senior managers, possess the credential with over 700 members having a profession-specific enhancement awarded by their respective association; representing over 30 professions in the local government sector throughout Ontario