CMM Employment Update (Existing Members)

When was the last time you updated your member profile?

If you are a CMM, CMM I or CMM II, you can send us updates. If you have new professional responsibilities, have attended conferences, completed new academic programs, taken on a new role or have been at your current position for a number of years since your original evaluation, connect with us and we we will work with you to identify if you are eligible for the next level of the CMM. When you provide us with these updates, we can give you a more accurate career development framework to help you reach your professional development goals and progress in the accreditation program.

Updating your member profile is a complimentary service for members; they only time there is a fee is when you are formally evaluated at a CMM Accreditation Committee meeting. The update fee is $95.

Click here to download the Employment Update Form

Change of address? Variety is the spice of life! If you’ve recently experienced a change of scenery in your professional or personal life, it’s a good idea to ensure we have your most recent and preferred contact information to receive updates from OMMI.