Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much supporting documentation do I need?

      • Copies of certificates/transcripts are not essential for every course or seminar but all need to be listed to be given points. Make sure you indicate the length of your coursework!
      • Marked conference agendas are helpful to receive full credit —- most associations/conferences are able to forward copies to members.

2. Why copies of transcripts?

      • They provide a complete list from a degree/diploma.
      • Also used for verification.

3. How long does it take to be accredited?

      • Process timings vary depending on completeness of application when received.
      • Policy & Accreditation Committee meets 3-4 times/year to award new designations and updates to members advancing.
      • If application arrives a week prior to a meeting and is generally complete, it will go to the meeting (members advised of next meeting upon receipt).
      • If received just after a meeting it may take up to 90 days. Special meetings are called, as necessary, to maintain a level of service to members.

4. Who recognizes the CMM designation?

      • Recognized by Provincial statute through a Private Member’s Bill.
      • Over 1,600 awarded in over 400 local governments, throughout Ontario, all levels of staff and 30 professions.

5. What does membership include?

      • A detailed, complete evaluation with a recommendation identifying points or subject areas needed to advance, where appropriate. This framework will provide the member with specific guidance for career development.
      • Congratulatory letter for you, your supervisor, and your Head of Local Government (distribution is at member’s discretion).
      • Certificate with the number of medallions indicating level of achievement.
      • Lapel pin matching level of achievement.
      • Member’s only, specially-designed, certificate frame (available for purchase); fully matted and accessible to add medallions or enhancement insignia.
      • The ability to update your member profile with additional training or supplemental experience to increase points and advance to the next level of CMM and/or enhancement.
      • Receive specific information on seminars and courses available to advance in the program.
      • Invitations to prospective conferences/courses or seminars to be “point precedented” to determine impact on member’s standing.
      • Re-certify (every 3 years) at no additional fee.

6. How many courses do I have to take?

      • It is not a prescribed requirement of courses and seminars.
      • It credits all your current education and employment.
      • Provides a level of achievement and requirements to advance.
      • The CMM is NOT a course; it is a recognition of education and professional experience in local government.

7. What if I haven’t kept track of education (records)?

      • Members list and document to the best of their recollection.
      • Members will be advised if additional documentation for pointing or verification is required.